The Book

What would a 30% increase in your dollar per ticket within 30 days do to your bottom line?

  • Learn the four ways to increase your business 30% in 30 Days.
  • 30 day risk free money back guarantee
  • Did you know that most car washes can increase their dollar per car about $5 per car just by changing their menu without increasing prices?
  • Did you know that you can increase your dollar per car about $5 with proper trained sales people?
  • The book gives you step by step how to change your menu and how to train your sales people

The book gives you step by step answers to:

  • Build your business culture
  • Create your business blue print
  • The 5 main customer complaints and how to overcome them
  • Increase your productivity
  • Increase your dollar per car
  • Create your Unique value proposition
  • The four ways to increase revenue and gross income
  • Successfully market your business
  • Never make the price the main issue
  • Why high price point can be a selling point
  • Steps to train sales people to increase profitability
  • Help you take your business to the next level


Steve Herron, CEO of Herron Companies, aka American Carwash Valuation Counselors.

If you own a carwash, chances are strong you’ve seen your sales drop by 20% to 40% since the recession began in 2007. If so, chances are even greater that you’ve been struggling to stay current on overhead, or to make the mortgage payments. Shall I go further? You’re sweating bullets over how much longer you can even hang on! Can you relate? If so, join the club! I know, because I appraise more carwashes than any appraiser in the country! In 25 years, I have never seen so many carwash foreclosures, or trade hands at a fraction of their former values. But I can relate even better than you think, because in 2007 I spent almost $5 million building one of the biggest, finest carwashes in the West. All my feasibility work proved that it should have conservatively washed 10,000 to 12,000 cars per month; worst case, only 8,000 were needed to break even. It stabilized at about 6,000 cars, losing $200,000+ a year. Gulp! I felt like I was paddling upstream against a fast current… and over my shoulder I could hear the roar of Niagara Falls growing louder! Yeah…If that’s where you are, I can indeed relate!

But my story doesn’t end there, thank God! Something changed all that. This book changed all that! When I heard the title, I literally drove to AJ’s carwash and bought the book…just a few days off the press. In the next two days I couldn’t put it down. And when I finally did, I leaned back in my chair, let out a huge sigh, and felt like a giant weight was lifted from my shoulders. Intuitively, I could see the genius that unfolded in each successive page. In 25 years of studying carwashes, several thousand of them, and formerly being a part owner in 13, I know fact from fiction. This made complete sense. And for the first time since 2007, the winds of hope filled my sails!

I cannot sufficiently tell you how important this book has been to me! Not only in the vast array of incredible tips, powerful methods, and brilliantly devised systems that just make complete sense, but brilliant because of its psychology! AJ’s psychology . . . which is one of steadfast determination that was imminently motivating. In a word . . . Contagious! What a difference it has made to no longer be paralyzed, worried sick about how much longer I can hang on. No time for that! I now have a winning battle plan, and I’m about the business of implementing a Massive Attack! It has made all the difference! Oh, one more thing . . . my cash flow is finally positive! Am I contagious? I hope so. For your sake, I hope so! And if you doubt any of what I’ve related here, pick up your phone and call me. We can share war stories . . . mine has a happy ending. Maybe yours can too!

I’m sorry this story was so long, but it needed telling. There are just too many of you. . . us in the carwash industry that are hurting . . . and need the hope with a happy ending, like this one I found!

Steve Herron is an MAI Appraiser, and CEO of Herron Companies, aka American Carwash Valuation Counselors, one of the largest independently owned commercial appraisal companies in the West, and Cruisers Carwash in the Sacramento area. And if you have questions, he also graciously welcomes your call. (800) 774-3776