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The Monthly Pass — Increase Your Business by Increasing Frequency of Visits

In September 2012, I was the moderator at a round-table discussion held during the Western Carwash Association’s convention in San Diego. The topic was “Monthly Wash Passes.” Instead of just being a moderator, I prepared a 15-minute presentation with what I called “wow information.” My goal was to help as many operators as possible to think out of the box …

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Wash Menu – Simple Changes Can Increase Revenue

Last year, at The Car Wash Show in Las Vegas, I met with a good friend of mine, Jeff Coplin, co-owner of Matt and Jeff’s Car Wash in Novato, CA. We were discussing how his highest wash package price had plateaued at $34.99. I suggested to him that, instead of increasing the price, he add an express detail option to …

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Redesign your menu to increase profit

The Menu — A Redesign Can Up Sales 30 Percent By AJ Rassamni> Put me in any car wash in any city and I will increase dollar-per-car sales by 30 percent in 30 days. Did that get your attention? What if you can increase your sales dollar per car by 30 percent in 30 days? I am here to tell …

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