“The money is in your parking lot, you just have to learn how to get it.”

I’ve been able to increase the business of every car wash I’ve worked on by at least 30 percent within 30 days.

Though increasing the dollars per ticket is the fastest way to increase a business’ income, it’s not the only way. Increasing volume is also possible during a recession.

Experience and History since 1997:

  • AJ purchased his first car wash and increased the business by 30
    percent first year.
  • 1998 to 2003: AJ increased the business every year between 17 to
    28 percent.
  • 2005: AJ sold the car wash and worked as a consultant. He
    increased the sales dollar per car on average of 50 percent for every car
    wash he consulted for within the first 30 days.
  • July 2006: AJ purchased another car wash and increased the total
    revenue by 100 percent within 60 days.
  • July 2007: During recession, AJ purchased another car wash and
    increased business by 400 percent within the first 12 months.
  • July 2007 to 2010: AJ increased car count and revenue 1000
    percent during worst recession of modern history.

Consulting Fees

Guarantee to learn at least one idea that can increase your sales by
thousands of dollars or your money will be refunded*.

  • Bronze:
    • Daily:
      • Consulting Fees $2,999 per day,
      • Phone consulting $399 per hour.
      • additional staff member, $499 per day.
  • Silver:
    • Segment Consulting (e.g. sales training…)
      Pricing can vary, depending on current facility operations.
  • Gold:
    • Complete Package. It is possible to craft an agreement with
      no out of pocket expense. Pay for results only. Ask for details.

* Travel expenses vary and will be billed separately.


Unlimited Wash  Pass $ call

  • Set up proper pricing
  • Set up promotions
  • Train  sales people

Help with all re-opening issues as: $ call

  • Site review and recommendation
  • Flex wash overall layout issues for better work flow
  • Equipments layout issues for a better wash
  • Recommendations for required equipments, products, canopies…
  • Help setting P.O.S. system
  • Monument sign
  • Grand re opening

Provide my trademarks and copyright materials for: $ call

  • Car wash menu and pricing matrix
  • Detail menu and pricing matrix
  • Express detail pricing and matrix
  • Monthly wash passes pricing and matrix
  • Informative brochure to increase awareness
  • informative signs to increase sales
  • Create a niche (unique value proposition)
  • Mission and vision statement

Sales training: $ call

  • Sales crew to increase $/car sales
  • Setting sales goals
  • Gift certificates and pre paid cards sales
  • Cashiers to upgrade customers ticket, sell monthly passes, keep area clean
  • Customer service training for all staff
  • Tour other flex car wash
  • Training at my flex wash
  • On site training

Customer service: $ call

  • Increase productivity
  • mission and vision statements
  • How to handle customer’s complains
  • build employee culture and loyalty
  • Customer retention
  • Build referral system
  • Build follow up system

Operating management procedures to eliminate bottle necks:call

  • Wash crew to provide a perfect wash every time
  • Vacuum process
  • Wash prep process
  • Wash finish area process
  • Detail process
  • Express detail process
  • Interior steam clean process
  • Labor productivity
  • Lower labor percentage
  • Build employee culture and loyalty

Checklist Program: $ call

  • Equipments maintenance
  • Clean bathrooms, boutique and waiting area
  • Clean sales, vacuum, tunnel, kissing area and Landscape
  • Car wash process
  • Complete interior and exterior detail process and quality
  • Chemicals inventory including detail products
  • Customer follow up and retention
  • Customer complain

Marketing and social media: $ call

  • Increase car count
  • Referral system
  • Follow up system
  • Improve customer retention
  • Website, twitter, facebook, phone app and mobile sms
  • Incentives and promotions
  • Community involvements
  • Create a niche (unique value proposition)
  • Mission and vision statement